Legal Video Services

Certified Video Services provides all of your legal video service needs, from deposition services to courtroom playback.

Below you will find a list of all our services we provide

Our services include:

  • Deposition Services
  • Video and audio enhancement
  • Analog and digital editing
  • Authoring DVDs
  • Media duplication
  • Trial preparation
  • Video synchronization
  • Advertising/legal scripting
  • Equipment Rental
  • CLE Augmentation
  • Day-in-the-life
  • Web video conversions/ compression and development
  • Firm representation/ Marketing
  • Photography/ portrait/ Case/ accident
  • Construction video
  • Interactive Media development
  • Documentation
  • Video accident reconstruction/Animation
  • Notaries in three local jurisdictions
  • Video streaming
  • Worldwide conversions
  • Courtroom Playback
  • Photo stills from Video

Certified video has primarily serviced the Washington DC Vicinity. We have traveled overseas for a number of assignments for confidentiality and legal continuity. We respond to when and where our client needs us.

Deposition Services:

We have shot thousands of depositions in the last 25 years. First and foremost we are videographers. We have skill sets beyond those of the usual deposition videographer. We understand video composition and the complexities of video.


Our work meets the Federal Standards which are generally more stringent than the state standards. We are always on time with appropriate attire and attitude. We are prepared for almost any situation.


3 chip cameras, simultaneous recording on-site, back drops & lavalier microphones are our tools for this work. We have multi-camera capability for showing documents, computer programs, and the deponent simultaneously.


Our costs will more than likely be less than what you pay now for this service through a Court Reporting Company.

Video/audio enhancement:

We have some tools which let us take security camera or bad video images and enhance their visibility. We also have some very specialized audio filtering and volume adjusting software which can significantly change the quality of the recording.

Analog & Digital editing

We have the latest software to create, produce and meet whatever needs you may have. Example: We have done law firm histories on video to give new lawyers perspective on the firm.

  • Authoring DVDs
  • This involves creating a menu page and creating chapters for specific access.
  • Day-in-the-life
  • We have shot a number of these videos, which have been edited down and presented
  • In court. We are very familiar with the process.
  • Web video conversion/compression
  • We can shoot, edit, and compress video for use on the web.
  • Firm Representation / Marketing
  • We have been involved in producing video of various partners presentations
  • For oral argument, case presentation or for marketing skills to various
  • Clients.
  • Construction Video
  • We have videotaped construction sites, buildings and or houses that are in
  • Particular phases of being built or torn down.
  • Media duplication
  • We are the resource to get about any format to any format. Example:
  • Taking 1” videotape to DVD or MPEG 1 or taking 16MM or 35MM
  • Film to DVD.
  • Trial preparation/presentation
  • We have been involved in editing and trial preparation for presentation in the court.
  • We have been involved in augmenting “the war room”. We have also done
  • Many playbacks in all of the courtrooms in our local jurisdiction.


We can create an advertising campaign for your firm or client from start to finish with media placement.

Equipment Rental

We have video and audio equipment for rent. If we don’t have it, we know where to get it.

CLE training

We have been involved in shooting many seminars for some of the largest law firms in the area. We have provided multiple formats for use on their intra-net.


We have used video to show a process. Mechanical and or biological.

Video accident reconstruction/Animation

We have done before and after accident reconstruction work. We are capable of doing Animation reconstruction. We have shown real world conditions in support of a number of accident related cases.

Video Streaming

We can stream video live over the net from just about any remote location.

Video synchronization

We take vide and transcript material and we put them together to create a very compatible file accepted by most trial software programs. As a stand-alone file you can go to anywhere in the transcript and have the video play from that point onward. It is an excellent way to deliver case material in trial and it is very flexible.


Professional quality digital photography is available to help in case development. We have used photography in a number of cases that needed to bring excellent quality stills to the jury or judge. Visual experience and knowledge of lighting is the key ingredient for sharp presentation.

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