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Certified Video provides excellent experience in legal litigation and deposition service. Based out of DC metro area, our professional team have been providing the best quality legal services for over 25 years. Our services include, but are not limited to, video deposition, video streaming, video editing, video duplication and much more.

While providing video deposition services, we can assure you that we use only the highest quality professional video & audio components available today. Our operators are trained Certified Legal Video Specialists and adhere to procedures dictated by State or Federal Rules. For more information please contact us to discuss what we can do for you and your company.

The importance of Video Depositions and Courtroom playback

Video is so effective that it can impart tremendous impact on a jury, an impact which should never be underestimated. Thus, the effectiveness of video is the primary reason for its use. A four year study by Michigan State University concluded:

"In no case did we observe a situation where videotaped trial materials were inferior to their live counterparts, and in several instances, videotape was superior to live presentations."

Harold Feder, a trial lawyer from Denver, Colorado, a specialist in legal video applications states:

"You are able to convey a strong psychological message about the confidence you have in your case, your client, your experts, and yourself. Most importantly, the attorney can communicate a sincere willingness to negotiate for adequate compensation for his client to avoid additional expensive litigation and emotional upset through this innovative and effective device."

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Our Legal Services include:

Here is a small sample of the legal video services that we provide, to view all of them view the legal video services page.

  • Deposition Services
  • Video and audio enhancement
  • Analog and digital editing
  • Authoring DVDs
  • Media duplication
  • Day-in-the-life
  • Web video conversions / compression and development
  • Equipment Rental
  • Trial preparation
  • Firm representation/ Marketing
  • Photography/ portrait/ Case/ accident
  • Video synchronization
  • Advertising/legal scripting
  • Equipment Rental
  • CLE Augmentation
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